March 3, 2018

C&L Award Recipient


Tanya Woods

Communication and Leadership Award Recipient


As lawyer and an entrepreneur, Tanya undertakes projects that empower people to use their time, talents and things to make a social impact to enhance local communities. She has founded three non-profits (Artists Legal Services, Girl Force, The Breakfast Startup) and is the founder and Chief Impact Officer for Kind Village. Kind Village is powered by like-minded consumers, professionals and local business owners who go the extra mile to champion social issues, sustainable business practices, and strengthen local communities, whose mission is to make social impact easier for everyone.

Tanya works to create a more sustainable, connected world through kindness, and inspires people to lend their expertise, their awareness-raising abilities, or their funds to make things better for all. She influences consumers to support companies and businesses that are dedicated to building better communities. She succeeds in bringing together large industry players like multinational banks and grocers, as well as local brewers, coffee roasters, fashion designers, artists, athletes, doctors, innovators, charities and academic institutions, to tackle BIG social issues confronting communities around the world.