January 6, 2018

Workshop Registration

The Conference committee is looking for workshop presenters!

Will you choose this adventure?

We all have a message to share in a learning environment – it may be a passionate skill, an experience gained, or formal training received. During the 2018 Conference, the membership (both new and existing) is always seeking to learn from others to supplement their journey to becoming a better Leader and/or Communicator! 

This is your opportunity to share your unique skills for the benefit of your fellow Toastmasters (accredited speaker or DTM not required). If you think your message is of value, sign up today and join our adventure!

Registration DeadlineMarch 20, 2018

Note: The deadline is before the end of the Division contests. You, as a potential presenter, are requested to submit a workshop proposal even if you choose to compete in the spring contests. The Conference Committee will appropriately work with your winning outcomes as they are announced. 

  • Soyez descriptif ; les descriptions serviront de fondement au comité pour la sélection des propositions. Be descriptive; the committee's election will be based upon this description.
  • Pour fin de publication dans le livret de conférence, 60 mots maximum. / For publication purposes - Maximum 60 words.
  • Nous ferons notre possible pour accommoder vos préférences au niveau de la cédule. Cependant, aucune garantie ne peux être fournie. / The organizing committee will do its best to accommodate your preferences, however, no guarantee can be provided.
  • Je serai à la conférence… (Choisir toutes les options applicables) / I will be at the conference… (Select all applicable options)
  • Je préfère présenter mon atelier ... / I prefer presenting my workshop…
  • Notes

    1. 1. The time allocated to a workshop is 45 minutes, including the presentation and question and answer period.
    2. 2. Registration at the conference is a prerequisite to present a workshop. Priority will be given to the candidates who have registered for the full program at the moment of sending their workshop registration request.
    3. 3. Workshop candidates may not take part in any conference contest.
    4. 4. If your proposal is accepted, a member of the conference organizing committee will send you notice informing you of the decision before XX, which is the deadline for workshop approval.
  • Important:

    1. Upon reception of your proposal, you will be requested to provide us with a photo of yourself (JPG format, resolution 300 dpi). Your photo will be included in the District 61 2017 Spring Conference Program and on the 2018 Spring Conference web site.
  • I, the undersigned, hereby agree that my photo be published in the District 61’s 2018 Spring Conference Program and on the 2018 Spring Conference website.
  • Please check the appropriate option.